Please provide your name, phone number, address, and photos if possible.

Consultations are up to an hour and include a detailed site assessment with an emphasis on long term maintenance and control success.  If you are planning a yard and are considering bamboo, then please include us in the design process as early as possible to ensure successful site placement.  We can get bamboo into manageable form and train you to do ongoing maintenance or set up a maintenance schedule.  Consultation fee is $125

Estimates for removals or ballpark remedial work and/or install cost are free.  We will come do a quick look-see at our convenience to get rough numbers and a good idea of what the scope of the job is.    Please allow for up to 2 weeks for us to do an onsite assessment.   We can ascertain a lot of information from photos and a few details like age, specie, past containment attempts, etc.  Photos help speed the process along and make things more efficient.

thanks, matt and Emily

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