Planting bamboo can be done at any time though it is best when the season is cool and moist.  Early spring is great, it is before shooting season so tender shoots won’t get damaged, and it will have the full growing season ahead of it to get established.  Summer works, but extra care is needed with fragile new shoots and making sure the plant gets enough water is paramount.  Fall is also good as the plant is going dormant, but will wake up in the spring in place ready to send up new canes and extend roots.

The first step is to determine whether running or clumping bamboo will suit your site conditions and needs, look here.  Sun exposure is the greatest determining factor between running and clumping.  Follow the links to look at specific species.  You will want to think of how tall you would like the bamboo, both minimum and maximum heights. How much space you have to give the plant at maturity.  For running bamboo consider how you will contain it.

We source most of our plants from the Bamboo Garden which has the best plant health and availability.  Plants come in all different sizes from 2′-30’+ coming down to time vs cost.  The most practical sizes which balance this equation are #5 gallon and #10 gallon.  5g tend to be 4′-6′ tall, but often up to 8’+ while the 10g are 10′-12′, but can sometimes be found up to 15′.  For more instant screening heights between 15′-25′ are readily available in #15 gallon, 20g and 25g.  Plant spacing is suggested between 3′-5′ on center between plants.  Depending on the size, specie and conditions the plants will grow together to form an impenetrable screen within a couple to several years.  You can vary this according to budget and timeline, but the plants like to have a little room to grow before bumping into their neighbors.

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